Eagle One Busan Special Edition: a fusion of Design and Sustainability

In 2024, design breaks free from established formats and conventions, and embraces the new ambit of eclecticism. It invites you to boldly combine styles and patterns, challenging predefined rules. The key to this new era? To fearlessly mix the modern with the vintage. To explore boldness in colours and shapes, while always maintaining a touch of minimalism. It is a celebration of essentiality, where functionality meets elegant and timeless design.

This mix of elements provides the opportunity to create unique environments that reflect the personality and emotions of those who live in them. There is no single dominant style, but rather a fusion of different influences, making each space a living story of experiences and passions.

And this is where this fabric becomes the perfect choice: its texture perfectly embodies elegance and boldness, modern colours intertwine masterfully with neutral tones, perfectly embodying the values of Eagle One. The fabric used is 100% recyclable.

VA E Agle 002
VA E Agle 003

Eagle One is the innovative espresso machine in terms of design and technology: its minimal and contemporary lines favour and invite customization, while the NEO technology allows you to obtain the same performance, improving energy efficiency.